18 Weeks of Sweet Spot Intermediate Plan

So, I have completed the 10 weeks of resistance, completed my field test (although due to weather I had to do it indoors) and am at an FTP of 320. About 19 watts down from peak last year but lots of time to build.

As I move into the 18 weeks of sweet spot I was looking ahead and noticed some schedule conflicts that could arise. I am a school counselor, dad and husband to a busy business owner. I usually have about 1 hour to devote to training during weekdays but see I have some 1:30+ mid week training a few weeks into the plan.

I don’t want to drop a level in the plan because I know physically, I can handle to training load. However, I need to figure out the time commitment issue. From my perspective, I can skin this cat two ways. I could ride twice in one day (early morning before work and at night after I put the kids down) or I could utilize the Monday and Friday off days. Can I break some workouts into halves and do morning and night or to utilize the off days? If this is a good option, what is the best way to do it? Should I do half the structured workout in the morning and then do a steady sweet spot at night? Or do half the structured workout in the morning then the other half at night?

I know there is a bit that goes into the question, but guidance would be appreciated.



You are correct. there is a good bit that goes into this. Juggling your schedule as an athlete is one of the hardest parts of training.
As a rule keep the rest days. Those are designed for you to recover from each build and skipping those is asking to dig yourself into a hole.
If you are missing 30minutes here and there of mostly Z2 then I would slot this over to the weekend when you have some extra time. Just make sure that you are not again digging yourself a hole that you cannot recover from.
The two a day is a decent option. But if you do this then do the intervals in the morning session, and then the Z2 time in the evening. If you split up the efforts then you are in effect changing the layout of the session and then likely getting less from it.

Best of luck and Happy New Years!