2021 - Which Interval Plan?

Hi Frank and team, hope you’re well.

I’m currently planning out 2021 and was hoping to ask guidance for a final training plan purchase?

I’m starting mid Jan with 10 weeks strength, followed by 18 weeks sweet spot.
Takes me up to Tuesday 27th of July. I’ve then got circa 12 weeks until my two events 125km/130km road races on Oct 17th/24th.

Is there a plan you’d suggest I follow once the SS is done?
Ideally something circa 10 weeks of intervals before two weeks taper I guess.

I’ve tried to upload one of the course profiles too, both circa 2000m of climbing.

Thanks in advance if you’re able to share any thoughts, love your guys podcast.


Here’s the other profile;


Dang these races look sweet! Some good climbing in there.
I would recommend splicing the following two plans.

These are both six weeks each but do not include a taper. So you will have to do some arranging, but both plans will set you up for the races very well.
I would recommend taking out the first week and a half of the Hill climbing intervals plan and then the first half week of the Road Racing Intervals plan and that should land you on 10weeks (plus a bit of that removal will be the field tests which you will do at the end of the 18weeks of sweet spot).
If you would like we also have our coaching subscription where we could help you with these adaptations.

Hope that helps! Thanks for being a Fascat and good luck with these races!
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OK thanks so much Isaiah, will take a look, really appreciate it

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