What next after Intervals for Criteriums-Intermediate

Which plan should I go to next with race season rapidly approaching? I did the 16 week weights + base basic followed by the Crit Intervals intermediate. I have seen very good results thus far and want to keep it going as far as improving my FTP. Thanks

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Sort of depends on your exact race schedule and when and what your first A race is.

We have an in road season plan which is great to do when you are doing races on each weekend.

But during one of these plans you tend to lose a bit of fitness over the course of the 6 weeks as you are racing and recovering. Which is ok as you can show up to the races fit, fresh and ready to go. However I you have an A race that is more like 8 + weeks away you should continue to build and maintain fitness with a race specific interval plan.

Guessing it might be some criterium racing since you just did come off the criterium plan. It’s very difficult to continue with full gas intervals all year long so timing is everything.

If you find you have some time before an A race and should build back up CTL you could start doing Sweet spot 3 which is a great mix of aerobic and anaerobic building work. Best of both worlds really. Then you can transition back into a race specific interval plan, such as the criterium plan, road race in season plan or any other interval plan we have specific to your A event.

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