Training for the first road race

Hi guys I’m doing SS #4 and after the 6 weeks, 2 weeks later is my first race of the year and is a stage race with A RR,TT AND ANOTHER RR, should I go ahead and start intervals for road racing or wait after the race, thank you :blush::grinning:


Hi @ivancampos - first good luck! No doubt after sweet spot part 4 you are well prepared!

You can move right into your next plan and know that we also have a stage race plan too:

One idea is to do a week of the stage race plan and then edit in a rest block leading into the stage race and then edit in the appropriate amount of recovery after the stage race and then continue on with your plan.

hope that helps and and share a podium pic wih us if you get one :wink:

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Thank you for the quick response :pray: Frank Bigcat Overton I will definitely do that, and I let you know the outcome.


I have one more question about training peaks

, I don’t know how to read the information on it, I’m not sure about the numbers what it means is 90s is good or bad,like fatigue is 91/fitness is 91/and form is -3 help