Criterium plan without racing?

Hello FasCat coaches! I am just wrapping up the Sweet Spot Part 3 (love it!), and planning my next move during these very nebulous times. I race road (and CX in a less “serious” way) and particularly enjoy crits, but I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll have crits this summer in Vancouver, BC. Because I am stuck in Canada due to the border closure (my home is in the US), I don’t have access to my trainer or CX stuff.

With the lack of racing, my training goals are to build fitness that can carry through to next year, have a good daily routine to keep me grounded, and be flexible enough to enjoy other outdoor activities in place of cycling if I feel like it. I’ve never really been interested in QOM hunting, but could be convinced that it would be a fun thing to do! So, my questions are:

  1. Should I go for the crit plan anyway, just for funsies? Adaptations made during 6 weeks of intervals this year will carry over to a certain extent to future crit seasons, right? (Also I may be getting started on the track this fall!)

  2. How should I modify my training plan if I ever do all-day riding adventures? Substitute one of the interval workouts with a recovery ride the subsequent week?

Any input you have would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Hey Anna,

Check out our new Sweet spot 4 plan! This would be a great plan to transition to! You will get some higher intensity training in and continue with some sweet spot work. Just taking sweet spot 3 to the next level. Also it leaves your fresher for the higher intensity days so you can hit it hard.

After that you should complete the criterium plan. You are right that you should have that intensity in at some point this year. You don’t want to go a whole year or more without hitting your top end. It will drop your overall top end more before next year.

If you do any all day riding adventures you would need to adjust your plan. These take proper rest before and after. Ideally you do them after a few days rest and go into a rest week afterwards. Like if you were doing sweet spot 2 or 3 plan you could do it in the last week before a regeneration week. Just take the Thursday as an easy hour, Friday off, easy spin Saturday and hit it Sunday.

Of course the other option is our coaching subscription which can help you fix up your plan a bit for you.

I know you said you may not be into going for QOM’s but there can be fun when you make your own route or challenges. It does give you something to target.

Thank you so much for the response, Jake! I was not aware of the SS4 plan; that sounds like a good transition into the Tabatas in the crit plan. I also like that resistance training is built into it, as I’ve missed hitting the gym but couldn’t be bothered to build a home routine into SS3. Thanks also for the pointers on scheduling in big rides. I want to make the most of all this free time I have, and biking is one of the ways to do that!

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