What's next after 18 weeks Sweet Spot Training Plan


I was listening to a few of your podcasts which I found very enlightening since I’ve been riding for about 4 years now and never train properly, but last year started doing some intervals on my own and see some great results from just a couple of months and even participate on a few races. Didn’t train or ride much this year due to work, family and illness.

I am from Dominican Republic and here they run a Master Road Race Season 2 to sometimes 3 races in a month which includes some criterium 40 to 50 minutes, short road races 50 to 60 kms and TT race from mid March to early September and then a couple of 3 stages races one at the end of October and the other one early November. Want to race the October one.

I am staring the 18 weeks SST base plan (never have done a base before, so excited about) which I would be finalizing at the end of February take a week off and switch to a 6 weeks Criterium Intervals Plan and probably do a couple of races along with the plan. Here are my questions:

  1. What do I do after the six weeks Criterium Intervals Plan? Follow it with another plan like the 6 weeks road race intervals, repeat the Criterium Plan or do something else?
  2. Can I take a mid season break and start a six week SST plan to build my base again with another Six week road race intervals plan.

I know it’s a little complex for myself, but any guide would be apreciate it. By the way great podcast with great information without doing it too complicated.

Depends on what you are training for?!

Maybe especially if you are halfway thru your season and don’t have any important races coming up. When you take a mid-season break you are generally > 12 weeks from your next A race

First, thanks a lot for your quick answer,

  • Well I am training for a mix season of short road and criterium races with mostly short burst of power and I think the criterium plan it’s the best to follow after the 18 week SST plan, but I don’t know if I keep doing the same crit plan from March to September when the season end or do you recommend me something different?
  • If I take a mid season break 12 weeks before my next A race what it’s the best plan to follow after the break?

Sweet Spot Part 3 > Crit Intervals

Our road and crit intervals plan:

Also you will want to manage your training load with your sweet spot plan(s) using the performance manager chart!

Thanks a lot for your quick answer, it’s been very, very helpful! I listened to Master CTL and Timing it’s everything podcast a couple of times already and found out looking at my previous Training Peak data that I used to peak always at the wrong time, train like crazy which lead me to early chronic fatigue syndrome which lead me to poor race results. Your podcast has been very enlightening.

I will build my season base on your recommendations. I have a couple questions regarding to the 18 SST plan.

  1. I have seen that I could add to my training half hour or an hour most days on the week also I can add some weekends an hour or maybe more on the longer rides and was wondering which can be best since looking at my future CTL will be at 86 at the end of the plan and I would like to take it to 100 or 110, I am 38 years old and I think I can handle a little more training volume and intensity.
    a. add one or two more sweet spot intervals on weekday,
    b. do the rest of the ride in zone 2 on weekday and the weekend
    c. don’t do anything else besides what’s prescribed in the plan.

What has your CTL been in the past? You don’t want a huge increase in workload from one year to the next.

Do you perform better at a higher CTL? Look back at your previous best power, best race results and when you were feeling your best. What was your CTL during these times and weeks before?

If you figure the higher CTL is better than add zone 2 time. Best spots to add are rides before days off or last week before regeneration week. This gives you time to rest before harder workouts and more likely not to affect upcoming workouts.

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Thanks a lot, really very helpful information. Since I don’t have a big historic data I’ll take one step at a time a see how my body it’s responding. I’ll stick 100% to the plan.

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