Question on planning season

Hi Frank,

I do have all those training plans from you:

Intervals for road racing ( you recommend me that one , I’ll try after winter strength plan and 18 weeks SS one )

Indoor cycling

Intervals for road & criterium racing

10 weeks resistance training plan

18 weeks of sweet spot

I would like to know , starting first of October , from which plan to start and finish of all .
Also, I will do bike 80% or more on Elite Drivo indoors and outdoors on Sunday with my Cycling club here in Madrid .

Also , how many time to reduce when indoors of the sets or not , and any other advise you can provide me.

Target will be start season on May -June with road racing but not competitive, I’m 50 years old but 177cms tall , 70 kg weight and 16% fat.

Many many thanks

Hi @m.vazquezjose -

Start with the 3 week Fall Foundation

and then do your 10 Week Resistance Training Plan followed by your 18 Weeks to Sweet Spot

then you want to “Switch from Base to Race” and begin your Interval Training.

Your road and crit plan is good and our Road Intervals plan is too (if you aren’t doing any crits)

As for riding indoors - you generally can reduce your duration by 30% but do your best to #FtFP because the more you train the faster you will become. Consider our $39 Coaching Subscription if you want further guidance on a training plan revision level.

Hope that helps - good luck!