What CX training plan after SBT

I’m doing the SBT Blue course and wondering what CX training plan I should start after the race and which ones I should continue with throughout the season.

First CX race is September 4/5 and A races are October 15/16/17 and Nats December 9th.

Here ya go & come see us at Steamboat Expo!: CX Season Training Plan Bundle – FasCat Coaching

Six Weeks till Cyclocross

Cyclocross Intervals

CX Race n’ Recover

Six Weeks to Peak for CX Nationals


Will definitely stop by the booth!

So each of those plans is 6 weeks, which would be 24 total but I only have 16 from 8/16 to 12/6. Should I just skip one of the plans and maybe start at week 3 of the first one?

I have already purchased the bundle so I have all the plans already.

Do 3-4 weeks of each of those plans - they each have important skills work, intervals , & running drills not to be skipped!

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@FRANK - following this sequence but focused on the state championship instead of Nats, which is end of November. Do I follow the in-season race and recover or the peak for nats with it ending on states instead? Also noticed the Nats plan has options of Wed, Thur, Fri instead of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced?

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Both! the ideal order of plan progression is as follows: