Which CX plan is next?

Purchased CX bundle in Feb and will be finishing 6 wks of CX intervals on Sat 9/7/19, I think the timing worked out great as I will be starting Colorado’s first CX Race on Saturday as well.

Looks like I have two plans left in the queue-the Race n Recover plan, and the Six weeks to peak for Nationals, wondering where I should place these in the calender.

As there are about 16 weeks of race season I’d like to know how to place these in the calender so that my training is covered and I don’t have to think about what training to do all the way thru the season.

Can you help?

Thank you,

Darren Albert

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Hi there - you are about 6 weeks ahead of our plan order (six weeks till cx is meant to be from Aug 1 > mid Sept) and then cyclocross intervals.

So, therefore want to do cyclocross intervals twice :flushed: and then move into the six weeks to peak for nationals plan. This is 18 weeks so you’ll want to chop out 2 weeks somewhere in there editing the plan like so:

I may be confused, but I believe I am completing the 6 week cx interval on 9/7, rather than middle of September, so perhaps I am roughly 2 weeks ahead. So it seems to me I have followed the plans correctly thus far, no?
I believe I sis the following:
Six weeks Sweet spot
Six weeks till cx
Cx intervals( currently, ending 9/7)
Was this done in the wrong order?

Wait are you saying I switched around 6 weeks till CX and CX intervals? That’s not making sense to me- whatever the name of the plan is these last several weeks have been 40/20s and cx races on Sat, that sounds like the plan that should end at start of CX.
Please tell me this is correct as I’m feeling anxious that I just screwed everything up.
The names are different b/w the TP app and Fascat which makes things a hit confusing.
Please help.

In this order starting from Aug 1-ish

Oh man, I think I screwed up, damn it.

I could really use your suggestion here…
OK so it looks like I didn’t do the cx intervals plan yet, rather I put 6 weeks till cx on the calendar twice, from 6/17-7/30 and again from 7/29-9/10.

Can you please advise plans going forward?

You can unapply the 2nd six weeks till cx plan and apply the cyclocross intervals plan and poof, you’ll be all set.

It is step # 4 as seen here

  1. Check your email to accept your training plan into your TrainingPeaks library

  1. Apply your plan and choose your start date (any Monday): https://fascatcoaching.com/tips/how-to-apply-your-fascat-training-plan/

I appreciate you’re time, thank you! I’m a little neurotic when I have to wonder about whether training plan is correctly organized.
May you clarify one thing advised-
You suggest to un-apply the 2ND 6 weeks till cx which I followed from 7/29-9/9, and apply cx intervals in its place-ending- on 9/7.
Rather, are you suggesting to start the CX Intervals on the heels of the 2nd 6 weeks till cx, (starting9/10)?
Thank you again!!!