What after the 32-weeks plan?

What after the 32-weeks plan (intermediate)? My plan ends in mid-May and my goal is in mid-July. So it’s seven weeks time to “do something” or just ride and enjoy the summer.

the July event is a ride 300km with my teammates. The road is quite variable and our goal is to ride as fast as we can of course. And I like to be in the best possible condition in July as possible.

This 32 week plan has been very good so far. After SS part 2, ftp has increased 13w, which is 7%. I am very happy about that and at the same time i have lost weight 7kg, (not easy for a woman who loves to eat). I look forward to doing the final test in may.

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Timut - congratulations on all the improvement, no doubt from FtFP’ing :muscle:

Next up for you will be either the Fondo or Gravel plan - both have long distance rides on Saturdays to train for a 300k ride (fun!)

Choose the Fondo plan if you are more road centric or the gravel plan if you want to get your groad on. Hope that helps, thanks for being a FasCat! :leopard:

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Thanks! That Fondo plan sounds good.

What is the difference between this fondo plan and racing plans?

I would read the product descriptions and look at the 2 week example calendars for starters. Which racing plan are you referring ?

I was wondering that road racing intervals.


Well you said you were doing a 300k ride and therefore I suggested the Fondo or Gravel plan. Because this is not a 100k road race which is a completely different event to train for


Thanks, I will choose the fondo plan!

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