Base to 'race' - 12 weeks to 1200km

Looking out into the training plan, and it’s time for that question, what training plan(s) next?

I’ll be finishing off Sweet Spot 3 (intermediate) with 12 weeks until my ‘A’ event, which is the 1200km (750 mi) New York - Montreal - New York ride. 750 miles in less than 90 (continuous) hours. My goal is to keep upping my moving speed (over previous, similar events) to maximize sleeping time over those 4 days.

I have a couple ‘simulation’ rides and a couple of 200km gravel rides planned in those 12 weeks
(600k ride at end of week 3, gravel in week 5, 1000k in week 6 and last gravel in week 9).

If it matters, I’m 46 and my CTL should be right around 90 by the end of SS3.

Any advice on plans to consider?

Thanks for the thoughts, and thanks for the plans so far!

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Way to FtFP @fblack947

I recommend 2 plans both have ‘switch from base to race’ intervals and both are specific to what you are doing:

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