Plan timing/Fondo training

Hi Guys,
I purchased the 32 week weights/SS plan as prep for the UCI Whistler GF.
My query is whether this is the correct plan for the Fondo?
I have 32 weeks to go before the Fondo, but i think I need to do some race specific work beforehand and unfortunately, the SS plan does not include this.
Can you advise if this is the correct plan for a Fondo, and if not, what would you suggest?
I know timing is very important for this.


Hi @c4col - for your final Fondo prep you want to do our six week fondo plan in the six weeks leading up to your event.

If that means cutting down on the amount of sweet spot you do, that would be for you to edit out.

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So my plan would look like this:
Start with Weights foundation, SS 1 for 6 weeks then SS 2 for 6 weeks, then 6 weeks Fondo?

Yes - line it up in your calendar and work backward from your event date , # FtFP

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