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Just listened back to the 2019 podcast on the off season 10 weeks weight plan and it mentions a few times that the Hypertrophy phase is 120 reps each day of each exercise?

Am I misunderstanding as my plan suggest 60 (6x10 reps)?


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I’m not familiar with the plan but that sounds unlikely? Typically the rep range of a set designed to stimulate hypertrophy will be in the 8-12 range for 3-5 sets.

I suppose it could be something similar to a German volume training protocol but that would be a lot of volume for someone who isn’t a fairly serious lifter.

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I have the plan and I just peeked over there. Without revealing too much, in the hypertrophy phase, it’s 6x10 reps per set for each of the prescribed lifts (squat, leg press, leg curl) and then brief rests between sets.

Thanks. I have purchased the plan but wanted to confirm as the podcast suggested 120! Ouch.


But that’s 60-70 reps not 120 right?

Yes, my guess is that The Big Cat was referring to the combination of the light and heavy portions of the hypertrophy phase. Together those will be 120-140 reps of each exercise across the 2 workouts.

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I just hit that phase of the plan and holy smokes this is a lot of squatting! I have faith in Frank and the FasCat plans, but does 24 sets of high-rep squats over 5 days seem like a lot to you? I’ve spent a good amount of years in the gym and have never even tried squatting back to back days, let alone that volume. I also have nothing to show for it but hey.

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I am not used to the gym so enjoying the change from just riding and this have loads of motivation. I am on 1st week of Hypertrophy so 2 days in out of the 8 gym days in hypertrophy stage so will let you know how I feel! Certainly can feel the ache tonight.

Cry in the Dojo - been prescribing that volume of work to athletes for 20 years and no one has died, everyone has gotten faster.

It is not 24 sets. it is 6 sets of each of the 3 exercises

I meant 24 sets over the week, but either way it’s you expertise I’m here for so I’ll be squatting away. Thanks!

The fact it is only for 2 weeks makes it a great challenge with the end in sight!!!

This is my second year in the plan. From memory it was the weekend rides where I suffered due to legs feeling like wood.

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You can do it! :muscle::muscle:

Your 1RM is to your weight lifting as your FTP is to your zone based intervals - individualized and sets you up for success