Missed sets of squats

Hiya, unfortunately I had to miss out on the squats of hypertrophy light in the first week due to the smiths machine Bering busy. I completed the leg press and curl. I assume this isn’t catastrophic. Would your advice be to add them back in or just leave them and move on? Thanks

Leave and move on. Prepare for the next heavy phase.


Cheers Jake, will do

Also next time wait for the free squat. We don’t recommend the smith machine

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Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around ? (go for smith machine in order to minimize injuries)

No we have said all along the smith machine is bad for you because its a crutch. The free squat is where its at :muscle:


Cheers all for that. Have to say really impressed with the plan. Was sceptical because so few weight exercises in the plan but have to say great results

That feeling when you roll into strength phase from hypertrophy… Really enjoying the program.

I know its the holiday season and all but… anyone else gaining weight on the strength/SS plan? I’m up @ 5+10 lbs from Summer/Fall riding weight. I’m not eating poorly. Just lifting + less riding = weight gain. All good. Staying the course and we’ll see what happens in the Spring.

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If you continue to eat the same come base phase you will lose weight with the amount of aerobic work you will be doing and riding through the sweet spot phases.

Also a reminder of some weight loss options:

Holiday Survival Guide:

Thanks Jake - I’ll check these out. Not worried through. Like you said, once base phase kicks in it will come off again. One of the aspects of the plan that I’m enjoying is the change tack from riding to gym work through the holidays. Its a nice mental break.

Ha ha I wish I’d seen the holiday survival guide two weeks before :man_facepalming:

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