Weight Setting after RM

Starting my 1st week of hypertrophic lifting. Regarding weight amount, after I loaded the RM number do I round down or up when putting on the weight amount at the gym.

Whatever’s clever. I had to round up on one and down on another due to the nature of the leg press machine and its weight options and to get a round number for the squats. Not a huge deal, I’m sure.

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Thanks Zach, that is what I presumed. Pretty easy to get in the right weight settings by a few pounds with squats, but the machines at my gym had to go up bit on the leg press and leg curls by a 10-15 lbs. extra credit on my first heavy day . Appreciate the response, thank you.


EXTRA CREDIT FTW! Cool. Yeah, I ended up hanging a 10 pound plate on the skewer for the leg press since it jumps by 20s. The hammie curls were pretty close, but that’s always an option too. The guy who works at my spot (Snap Fitness) showed me how to do it so it wouldn’t fall.

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I use planet fitness and find the staff quite helpful. It’s cool, I even ask some of the people who are regulars for help as they have lifting pretty dialed and are willing and happy to share knowledge. This is my first ever weight routine/plan and I really like it.