OMFG hypertrophy

Just finished day 1 of hypertrophy phase. Literally just made all the sets and reps (except the last 2 reps of leg press) and feel strained and v tired.

Assume this is normal even for day 1?

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yep totally normal but so worth it!

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Good to hear. Can. Barely walk the stairs today and have day 2 (light) in 2 hours time :crazy_face:

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Gains time! You won’t recognise your own legs in a few weeks!


Haha thanks. Recovery day today was v welcome

A weightlifting question from a newbie. I am starting the off-season weight training plan tomorrow and it has been years and years since I lifted weights. For the 4 sets of 8 reps do I do four sets of squats and then move on or do squats then leg press then leg curl and then repeat. thanks

Do all the squats. Then all the press. Then all the curls.

“CRY in the DoJO to Laugh on the Battlefield” - aka do the hard work


It gets better. My soreness was getting less and less towards the end of that phase.

Thanks. Yes mine didn’t come back as bad after first session.

Week 1 of strength feels so easy

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Hypertrophy pain ended fast.

On power now and the gym is so easy it’s silly. Weekend long z2 slightly fatiguing though

Awesome @frazrider -

I call everything after hypertrophy ‘easy street’ a featherweight. Get some air on your jump squats!

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