Gap in 10 week weights plan


Hoping for some advice before I start the 10 week weights plan soon. I am planning on starting it on 27th Sep and am being away on holiday for a week between week 4 and week 5, which I will pick back up on my return.

This would mean the 2 weeks of hypertrophy are split with a week holiday in the middle. Should I do this or should I start my training 1 week earlier so that the holiday instead splits weeks 5 and 6 ie end of hypertrophy and start of strength phase?

Can any one provide any insight.


I would recommend doing an extra week of adaptation after your vacation and then doing hypertrophy. Don’t want to split that as it is pretty heavy weights. You wouldn’t want to go a week without lifting and jumping back into that.

It should be fine since it sounds like you are starting the resistance program early, but also don’t know when your first goal races are.

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Thanks Jake.

My aim is to finish up weights by mid - Dec and switch to base/SST with A event usually in May/June.

If I leave starting the weights and later it goes over Xmas when I lose access to gym for a couple of weeks, so keen to get it finished by then.