Weights and sweet spot training

I am in the third week of the 18 week sweet spot training plan and am feeling good👍🏼 I have been following the personal foundation exercises, and throwing in some extra core work.
During this base sweet spot training do you think it is ok to do some squats, deadlifts at a low-medium weight? Just wondering if the fatigue would affect the quality of my workouts, because so far without lifting I am feeling stronger, and am fairly sure my FTP is moving up.

What do you all think?

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The answer from the coaches is probably going to be no, should’ve been done in the off season before starting base/SS Plan. But all depends on your goals & how much time you have left if you are targeting specific race.

I am still lifting during SS. But, only after riding. Never before a bike workout. It is also more high rep/explosive movements. Not heavy, heavy stuff.

Ed K

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Masters athlete, 46 years old. I’m in SS1 and continuing with one “easy” weights session, either after the wednesday or saturday ride (generally with at least 3-5hrs between workouts). Trying to just keep basic strength maintenance up a bit longer into the season, but not trying to build more muscle mass, nor push strength higher. Just trying to maintain most of what I built up during the resistance plan. I noticed I lost considerable muscle strength throughout last season, even though I rode 60% more hours in 2020 than ever before.

I’m definitely in an agile learn as I go mode with this, listening to the body and adjusting my approach. What seems to be working ok so far is just 3 sets at 6, 4, and 3 reps of 60%, 65% and 70% of 1 rep max. So I’m doing low reps, moderate weight.

When this starts impacting recovery and/or impacting next ride I intend to back off further to body weights and explosive movements only. Reflecting back on last year, even surviving SS3 with just the riding was a mission, so I’ll be surprised if I’m still able to lift weights like this later in the plans.

Anyone else going rogue too and got any experience to share on this topic?