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I’m not new to cycling, but I have been off the bike for the past year and a half or so. I did get out a few times over the summer and it has reignited my joy of cycling and I’m wanting to get back into racing (TT’s) in the 2021 season. My question is after being off the bike for so long, I don’t have much of a base to build upon and I’m not sure if I should start with some sweet spot training, or start with a different plan and progress from there. I work about 50 hours a week and am a single father, so time is a bit limited. Thanks in advance!

Hiya @bagoetzinger - welcome to FasCat!

Hearing what you describe I’d recommend doing our Fall Foundation - the training starts from an introductory low volume place and progress as you adapt.

then you could decide to lift weights or not. If not our 18 weeks of sweet spot plan would be the best - it has sweet spot parts 1 > 2 & 3.

If you choose to lift weights - here is our complete Fall Winter training plan bundled:

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A bit of a delayed reply to your response on my part…

I’ve been trying to figure out just how much training I can squeeze into an already busy schedule. Full time single dad and 50 hour work weeks really doesn’t allow a lot of extra time.

If I do the Off Season Resistance Training & Sweet Spot “Base” plan as mentioned above, is it too late to start with time trial races starting in May (32 weeks would put me into mid-June at this point)?

Hiya @bagoetzinger - I think you could do it and I would advise skipping the first 3 weeks and getting right into the weight lifting and thus have more time to the complete program before those May time trials.

Choose the basic version: 4 - 8 hours per week so that you can achieve a better life balance. Hope tha the helps!