Finished SS1 Basic with solid FTP gains. What should I do next?

I started riding my bike consistently back in July and took my first FTP test in mid August, which gave me an FTP of 187 and 2.7 W/KG. I just finished SS1 basic and tested today at 211 and 3 W/KG. I’m super happy with the progress and trying to decide what to take on next. I would really like to increase the amount of time I spend on the bike every week and 15 hours isn’t unreasonable time-wise. Should I start SS1 again but increase to intermediate volume or move on to SS2? Other options? Here are some stats/background info. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • 35 years old
  • 153lbs/5’11"
  • Road rides up to 100 miles
  • Lots of time to train but want to ramp up safely
  • Current FTP 211, 3 W/KG

Right on @calcagnid - sweet spot 2 > 3 & 4 are your next plans but first tell us what you are training for and when is that? Because timing is everything:

I would like to do some hill climbs starting in May but my primary goal right now is to build as much fitness as possible. Would it be ok to jump right into the medium level for SS2?

For an event that many months away I highly recommend you get in the weight room the lift before you build your base with our sweet spot plans.

Here is the complete 32 week Fall > Winter Plan - weights then sweet spot base then do our hill climbing interval plan: