Adding strength to a 17 week sweet spot

Hi frank and crew!
I bought the sweet spot training off training peaks. I was wandering about adding some strength on the Monday along side the yoga. I haven’t done strength in a long while. I am not that concerned with it messing with a race as much as I want all around health. Frank you have coached me in the past. 2009 (maybe 08) through 2012. Well you and Tom.
I wanna race some next year but if you wanted to reset some stuff and push the season back I am ok with that too.
Thanks for any help on the matter I am ok with what ever you decide thanks for any help

Hi Brandon,

We have a separate strength program for lifting.

The weight training goes along with the on bike the strength training. This is during the offseason before the racing season starts. It’s a 10 week program that is ideally completed 12 weeks before the first race. Of course if you are not concerned about racing and overall fitness early on and more of the big picture this is the best way to complete strength training.

Should I abandon the one I am on? Or should we change it somehow? It only puts me out 2 weeks behind where I am now. That’s not bad and sounds like I still get a ton of sweet spot. Puts me just past koppenberg. Colorado has a long season.

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Since you have the 18 week sweet spot plan you could just get our 10 week resistance plan and then go into the sweet spot plan when finished.

Don’t forget you will want to get some interval training in before your key event. So 6 weeks before your event is the best time to start those.

Hey Jake !
Sorry for the delay. I hurt my knee and IT ban (I slipped on some ice working)
I think I would be ready to start the weights on Monday. How do I end the plan I am on then restart for weights?

Ouch! Glad you are doing better.

You can click on the plan you are on and choose unapply plan. Then you can reapply the plan with the new starting date.

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