Some base, then weights, then more base?

Hi, there have been so many questions about weights this season, so I hope y’all won’t mind one more.
My gym closed at the end of my adaptation phase a few weeks ago, now it looks like that closing will be extended.
I’m very motivated to do some weights this season as I’ve never done them before so I’m eager to see what gains I could make.
So my question is if it makes sense to do something like the first 4-6 weeks of sweet spot 1, then weights if gyms reopen (probably just taking 1 week for adaptation) and then going into sweet spot 2.

I don’t have any goals before July-August.
Thanks, FasCat!

It really is all about timing. So as long as you can fit in the weights, base training (sweet spot), and intervals before your goal you are good! Most races and events will be later this year so having a little later start to the resistance training is going to be ok this year! A little sweet spot work before to keep, maintain, and build some fitness is good.