Weight or SS for short off season

Hey FasCats

The date for one of my A events just got released and it is super early (way earlier than I expected)

anyhoo…I am left with 21 weeks to prepare, and it will pretty much all be indoors—welcome to Canada.

My question is, should I go with Fall foundations and then sweet spot 1, 2, and then go to my race plan OR should I somehow squeeze weights in there (it’s my first offseason following a plan) Thanks for the tips.

Or (alternative opinion) choose a different A race?

In Colorado we intentionally do not choose early season A races because we do not have the time to build the appropriate base in the winter months due to trainer time + poor weather.

Ifffff its still an A race, skip Foundations and do our 10 weeks weights and 6 weeks of Sweet Spot 3 and 4 weeks of the aforementioned race plan (switching from base to race)

Hope that helps!

Fair point. I guess more than a race its a difficult event that I really want to be able to complete. I guess I could push it to 2023 and assume the new weekend is the ‘normal one’. Or I could just throw it mid SS2 as a BIG training week (or insert a whole week, training camp style). Much to consider.

Or you could make it a B race and training properly for A event following which you’d have plenty of time to go thru all the phases.

You can still do quite well for a B race as I described here:

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