Best option for an uncertain year

Hi all! First off, love podcasts and this forum. You all at Fascat rock and are helping to get a lot of us through these crazy times.

I’m in the process of literally trying to figure out what I’m going to do for the 2021 season. At best I think we’ll get a CX season this year, which would be great as it’s a definite priority of mine, but I do like to mix it up and race crits, road races and mountain bikes. With no definitive dates on the calendar it would seem I have 2 options. 1. Go all in on CX or 2. pick a well rounded program that would let me race opportunistically if priority races pop up on the calendar.

I’m a retail manager and between the Black Friday / Christmas season , combined with last years lockdowns, really prohibited me from getting into the gym this past November/December like I usually do and I’m not paying “COVID” cost for my own set-up, so I’m doing a lot of body weight and functional training and have some solid on bike base built. That said, I recently have potential access to weights, but I’m guessing at this point I’m past the point of no return with weights and should stick with building base for the remainder of the off-season. Thoughts?

I guess my question is what program would you suggest that’ll be most effective for my situation?

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Hi @martymann83 - I think its safe to say the CX season will happen.

I’d go all in on CX and if road and crit come back use them as hard group rides/training days to prepare for cx.

That said we do have a 24 WEEK CX OFF Season Plan here and January is an excellent time to begin:

Another approach would be to forgo the weights and build up a big aerobic base with our 18 weeks of Sweet Spot plan

Whichever way you go, you’d be primed and ready to tackle out CX training plan progression beginning this Summer. Hope that helps and good luck out there!

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Thanks Frank. I did the full CX meal deal plan last year and really liked it, but admittedly fizzled a bit when the season went nowhere. Love the structure and variety though and will look forward to using it again. Okay, looks like we go all in 4 CX. Thanks again.

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