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What is the difference between

3 week foundation + 10 week weights + 18 week sweetspot


16 week weights/sweetspot + 18 week sweetspot?


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I grabbed off-season weights and Sweet Spot 4 to throw into my TP library for later, thanks FasCat!

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Looking to utilize this to buy some plans for the future, but not sure what the right combination is.

I have “Road & Crit Intervals” and “In Season Road” I’m currently working through. After this season, what additional plans should I buy to “complete” a full road season for next year?

Foundation + 10 week weights + 18 weeks sweet spot?

EDIT: It looks like all I need is Off Season Resistance Training Plan – FasCat Coaching, is that right?

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Correct - that plan has everything except our intervals & race plans. It is your complete off season plan :muscle:

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Great value :+1::+1: Got that last year and really has set me up.

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The 16 week plan is a combination of our 10 week resistance training and SS part 2. It does not include the foundations plan, SS part 1 or part 3. We recommend that plan when people get a little late start to their off season training.

If you want the complete off season plan (most bang for your buck) - go with the 32 week plan. Not only are you saving some money, but all the rest weeks are built into the plan for you so you do not have to piece any of the plans together yourself :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Lacey_Rivette Great thanks. So I own the 18 week basic sweetspot plan. Should I just get the 10 week weights plan, or 3 week foundation plan plus the 10 week weights to set myself up for next year?

I will probably just add zone 2 to the basic 18 wk SS rather than buy a whole new intermediate plan for next year.

Its up to you - whichever you want, the 32 weeks is nice if you don’t want to splice everything together on your own and rest weeks mesh up

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Like frank said, if you want the bundle, the 32 weeks is convenient.
However since you already have the 18 weeks you can go with the 10 weeks resistance plan and the 3 weeks fall foundation and that will complete your off season training plan.
You will do them in order:
foundations > 10 week resistance> (no rest week after)> 18 weeks SS

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


:metal: Thank you as I purchased 2 additional plans today, Sweet Spot 4 and Road Racing Intervals for when I complete my current plan 18 Wk SS. :muscle: :+1:



Yes got 2 more plans for my wife ss4 and Climbing Ints. Great deal - thank you Fascat.