🔥 Weight Loss Winning in the Kitchen Meal Plan is LIVE

Happy Monday FasCats -

@Lacey_Rivette 's 4 week Winning in the Kitchen Meal Plan is LIVE and ready for your consumption :wink:

We took the liberty of sharing an example 2 week meal prep guide because the meal prep is essential to winning in the kitchen. Think of it like #FtFP’ing.


Are there options for Vegans and/or Vegetarians with this plan? I didn’t see a way to designate that on the selection screen.


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There sure is! Every recipe and the grocery list includes the suggestions for swapping out the proteins if the meal is not already vegan/vegetarian. I am attaching a screenshot of the proteins section of the grocery list so you can get an idea of what I mean.


What is the activity level based on when choosing the plans? Is it based on cycling activity or work? Any suggestions on which one to choose. Cycling about 8hrs a week indoors through the winter.


If you are training 8 hours/wk choose the intermediate option for the activity level. That one is tailored for endurance athletes that train between 8-12 hours each week :slight_smile:

The only time I would advise an athlete to bump up to a higher activity level would be for someone who works a labor intensive job/are on their feet moving all day (e.g. a construction worker).

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And here is the podcast about the plan that I recorded with @Lacey_Rivette

Hit us up here if you have any q’s!

Hi! I´ve learnt very much from the podcasts and training plans so far, and have just bought the weight loss meal plan and looking forward to up my results even more!

However, there are some issues for us non US habitants: Is there an easy way to convert the US measures (as cups/OZ and so on) to European metric measures?

I have googled it, but theres a lot of different answers…


Rice cooked 1,25 cups - how many grams will this be?

1 lb ground Turkey - how many grams will this be?

12 oz Chicken breast - how many grams will this be?

Thanks in advance!

Just wanted to give a recommendation to the “Winning in the Kitchen Meal Prep Guide.” I am not following the daily meal recommendations but I am using it as a guide to modify my nutrition, even to the point of using some of the meals. My guiding take-aways were 1) no added sugar (except fueling the rides), 2) more fruits and vegetables, and 3) more organic and raw foods. The bottom line is that I have lost 6 pounds in 3 weeks. The best general item is no hunger. Eating 3x a day with two proper snacks has taken care of the most common complaint of hunger. I also like the 80/20 guideline which seems “reasonable” to assume.

I have had more energy during the day than when I was generally eating in order to stay under an artificial calorie limit. As mentioned, I fuel the rides. Thanks for the plan!!!

I have just purchased the new “Weight Loss Meal Plan;” mostly, to follow the general guidelines and the meal recommendations. FTFP - Follow the Fantastic Plan!!!


Get a scale and use google to do weight conversions

Thanks for listening and being on our plans Aage!

Here are some helpful conversions:
1 oz = 28g
16 oz = 1 lb
16 oz = 453g
1 cup rice = 200g

So for the items you asked about:
1.25 cups of cooked rice is ~230 to 250 grams
1 lb of turkey (measured raw) is 453g
12 oz chicken (measured raw) is 340g

Also as @clubgiant said – a food scale is very helpful!
Hope that helps, feel free to shoot me some more questions if you have them :slight_smile:

Thanks for leaving some feedback on the plan @frank.jones !
Makes me excited to hear that our athletes are seeing results and most importantly, learning the fundamentals of nutrition. Those skills will continue to serve you even after you achieve your weight loss goals!
Looking forward to hearing how the newest WIK meal plan works for you :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Lacey, just what I needed! I´m well used to using a scale, but there where so many different conversions when I looked it up. Prehaps make a metric version as well in the future… :wink:

Thanks Lacey, I am wondering if I should have gotten the intermediate plan. I train 8’ish hours. Sometimes more, sometimes a little less. What are your thoughts?

So today I started the weight loss meal plan. I must say I’ve never eaten so much for breakfast
I really struggled to get down the cup of oats with fruit and the 2 eggs. I’m hopping I didn’t miss understand the breakfast.

What is your exact weight at the moment and what do you do outside of training (i.e. your job or other obligations that may require physical activity)? That would factor into whether or not I think you should bump up to the intermediate activity level.

That breakfast is loaded with fiber, which may be why you feel so full.
If you feel like it is too much, you can bump down to 3/4 cup of oatmeal and 1 egg and then can add ~100 to 150 calories to your snack later in the day. One way to do that would be to have a cup of edamame (in the shell) or about 15 almonds!

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I am mostly tied to a desk. Weight: 175lbs.

@frank.jones I think you are best sticking with the basic version since you are on the lower end of the weight range and are not moving too much throughout the day!
If you get through a week or two and feel like you are low on energy or are losing more than 2 lb per week, we can bump you up to the higher calorie plan.

Thanks Lacey! Will do.

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Just loaded my plan into training peaks and looking forward to losing some BF!

If I have a 90 tempo session I should be aiming for 30-40 g/h for carbs correct? So I am thinking at 45 mins I will have a gel or some block, plus skratch in my bottle should get me there. I shouldn’t need anything at 90 mins since I will be getting off the bike and then having lunch after?