Confused over winning in the kitchen plans

Hi, I’ve been seeing what appear to be some different winning in kitchen plans: This evening I’m seeing

  1. Weight Loss Meal Plan: Winning In the Kitchen, 2) Performance Nutrition: Winning In the Kitchen, and 3) Winning in the kitchen: Performance Nutrition all $34.99.
    I am looking for nutrition during the road cycling season–not necessarily weight loss. Not sure what the differences are. Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile:

ALSO: On the stage race intervals plan, I was about to buy but saw that it says $34.99 every 4 weeks and not sure what that means. I had been seeing it recently for $49. Thanks again for clarifying this as well.

Hello, for those of us who don’t want to become subscribers but only to buy a training program, doesn’t black friday give us a discount?

Hi @markmueller,
Are you seeing these options in the app or on the website? My understanding was that we only have the Winning in the Kitchen Intro plan and the Winning in the Kitchen Weight loss meal plan on offer. But we do have some helpful information regarding what and how much you should eat for general performance here:

How to eat during a ride:

Pre-Ride Nutrition:

Post-Ride Nutrition:

And in regard to the plans, we’re exclusively app based now. For $34.99 (or 50% off with the current Black Friday deal using code FAST50) you get access to ALL of our training AND meal plans in the app. One monthly or yearly price for access to everything.
We can no longer sell plans from our website. I will say that the meal plans are much easier to follow on the app than on TrainingPeaks, however, if you subscribe and want your cycling plan shared with you on TrainingPeaks, we can do that.

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So, I’m on the websitej (using PC), but just noticed on Stage Race Intervals it’s coming up with an app subscription 34.99. I don’t use my phone for this kind of stuff and use my PC. Not seeing option for the ‘regular’ plan at $49.
Re: the meal plan, I think I tend to do okay on my own but have been ‘on my own’ for perhaps a good 10 yrs after having read up on cycling nutrition and so my thought was to to check out one of these plans. I tend not to have issues with getting to cycling weight, but was intrigued with a plan for the season and had seen one for $99 so I could ‘update’ myself with something a bit more formal. But when I clicked on that plan a few weeks ago the losing weight plan came up and conversely at the time, when I clicked on the losing weight plan, the $99 plan came up. At that time, I wondered if their links were crossed. But now I’m just seeing the $34.99 plans for nutrition plans at every four weeks or yearly.
And this evening when clicking on either winning in the kitchen plans performance nutrition OR weight loss, both say weight loss plan after selecting.

We’ve lowered our prices for all plans to a $34.99 subscription. When you subscribe to Optimize you’ll get:

:boom: Unlimited Access to our Entire Training Plan Library, Workouts, Meal Plans and Recipes

You may subscribe HERE !

:calendar: Follow Training Plans in Optimize and/or TrainingPeaks (not integrated)

:fire: Optimize your Power and Wearable Data Visualization

:raising_hand_woman: in App Coaching Support: a FasCat Coach will respond, 1x1, in 30 minutes or less

:man_biking: Discount on Ventum GS1 & NS1 Bikes

:battery:Discount on Stages Power Meters

:money_with_wings: Subscribe 1 Year & Save 34%

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Your subscription renews on a monthly or annual basis

:telephone_receiver: Coaching Call for 3 month subscribers (30 minute consultation)

:moneybag: FREE Month of Coaching for 12 month subscribers (4 week custom training plan + data analysis)

Okay so subscription whether monthly or yearly has the access noted above. That is helpful, I was stuck on the ‘old’ way. Will this be the option from here on out or is this a holiday offer? Thanks again Frank

We have moved everything into the new app and its subscription. This allows us to innovate and bring you a complete training solution as opposed to one of six week training plans.

Those plans are now part of our subscription - we do not sell plans individually like we used to, apologies.

So if I want a workout plan, I have to subscribe for 34.99 a month?

Thats incorrect.

you can still purchase the one off plans via TP as per before the website monthly subscription option.