To supplement, or not to supplement?

I have just started your 10 week weight training program and am wondering whether I would benefit from using supplements. I have to admit I am a overwhelmed with all the products available … BCAAs, Creatine, protein, pre-work, post-work out - where do I start? And should women supplement differently to men?

Good morning @cara.whyte -

As a coach I am not a big fan of supplementation because if you are winning in the kitchen you should be getting all the nutrients you need. Supplementation becomes redundant to the food you are eating and not necessary.

WitK includes eating healthy portions of leafy green vegetables which contain many of the ingredients in supplements. Healthy protein sources and fat at breakfast, lunch and dinner cover you pre and post workout.

Read up on some of the nutrition tips we’ve written and if you want a meal plan we have them to teach you how to ‘win in the kitchen’

All the best with your weight lifting and nutrition!