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I need help selecting a plan for the upcoming 2023 season. I know that really need to win in the kitchen to level up my performance. I would like to dedicate Q1 of 2023 to losing weight. Previously, reducing calories while incorporating interval work has not been successful for me. Any guidance on which plan would best utilized for weight loss?


I did weights the Weights + Base (16-week I think) plan in conjunction with the weight loss meal plan. It worked well. You don’t need a lot of carbs in the 10-week weight lifting phase. And the. The next 6 weeks of bike workouts is just base building. It’s not real high intensity stuff. It’s plenty work but I did the first half of it on weight loss nutrition with no problem. The last 3 weeks I went back to more calories, but still lost weight (at a slower rate) due to being better about what and how much to eat.



You’re smart to do this in the first part of the year, you don’t want to be trying to lose weight during periods of high-intensity interval training (or near your key events). What would be best is to run a small caloric deficit during your base training - see our Off Season plans- 16 weeks of Sweet Spot would be a good choice.

Hey Adam,

The meal plan you want to select is the meal plan with your CURRENT weight and training hours! It already has a built in deficit and it lines up with your training.

Kick some butt,
Coach Allie

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Also @AdamA -

For weight loss we’ve designed a winning in the kitchen meal plan with the instructions, grocery shopping lists and the precise amount of the ingredients to run a small caloric deficit and still be able to train meaningfully.

In the Optimized App, goto your training library > choose “Meal Plans” and then select “Weight Loss Meal Plan”. From there choose gender, current body weight and how much your ride per week. Apply to your training calendar and start winning in the Kitchen!

You may subscribe here Weight Loss Meal Plan: Winning In the Kitchen – FasCat Coaching

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