Weight lifting plan confusion

I have just started the Pro Level 10 Week Weight Lifting Plan and I see a couple things in the program that don’t quite add up! Would be great to have a little more clarity :slight_smile:

-Adaptation: #4, 4 x 8 reps (add 5lbs) is 1hour long where as Adaptation: # 5, 4 x 8 reps (add 5lbs) is 1.5hours long…what does the extra 30 minutes accounted for? This can also be seen in Hypertrophy light vs heavy in the first week of Hypertrophy phase. and again same between strength 1 and 3

-During the adaptions phase the workouts are as follow Squats, Leg Press & Leg Curl + Strength & Mobility Movements. What are the strength and mobility exercises that need to be done in addition to the 3 main lifts?

That’s it, looking forward to this plan and hoping you can help me with clarifying this issue?


So the extra time is just for the extra time you may take to rest between sets. It is really just an approximate amount of time you may take to complete the workouts. With the 90 minute workouts that may account for the time you will spend actually warming up and cool down for 15 - 30 minutes each on your bike as well.

So between sets we recommend our athletes do some basic strength and mobility exercises. The Strength and mobility movements are the extra credit stuff thats in the plan that goes a long way. So the Nino circuit, Revo work, band work, and others that are listed in your plan. Can also do some basic core work.


Okay Awesome, thanks so much for getting back to me…Did full Nino workout after lifting yesterday…Pretty rough workout :wink: