10 week Strength plan

I have just started week 2 of the 10 week strength plan and thought I’d set this forum post up as a way to ask Qs and as a way for those also mid plan to help encourage other.

My back ground is I have never been to the gym before!! I am late 30s and joined dot last week on a 3 month membership to get through the plan.

I have an indoor trainer at home so do the rides on ERG mode but the TSS ride I do based on RPE and HR outside as have no power meter.

I am sticking to the plan so far except for the Nino which I have not done due to equipment restraints but do the odd plank to keep the core ticking over.

My main concern is I have climbed through the weights too quick. So today was session 4 out of 9 of Adaptation phase and I can’t see myself adding much more weight to t he exercises (if I am to complete the 4x8 reps). Any advice? Should I just stick at this weight no w I have got there and maybe try and edge it up in week 3?

Look forward to hearing peoples views and how they are getting on with their plan especially if further through than me.


It sounds like you might have started a bit heavy/built a little too quickly. The key with adaptation is to on purpose keep it light and focus on form (we usually advise no weight to start, especially for the squat). Once you set your 1RM it will be a lot easier to know exactly what weight to be at.
I would advise you to go back down in weight. During the adaptation phase it is ALWAYS better to be cautious and lift less rather then more. Look for a weight that allows you to slow the lift down and still stay in control the entire time.


Where would you expect I end as a % of 1RM by the time I’m at the mast adaptation session?

Also my build up For squats has been:
Day 1: 20kg (weight of bar only), 20kg, 25kg, 25kg
Day 2: 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg
Day 3: 35kg, 40kg, 45kg, 50kg
Day 4: 45kg, 50kg, 55kg, 60kg

I will struggle to go too much above 60kg for 4x8. I thought the above was good progression and couldn’t do it much slower with the weights on offer.



Everyone is going to be a little different and its important to take a progression that is right for you in the first phase. Where people land in regards to their 1RM varies based off of strength and gym experience.

It looks like you are jumping 10pounds with each set (instead of 5) with the weight you have available. With that I would do the progression you did for the first set for all of the sets.
For example
Day 1 : 20kg, 20kg, 25kg, 25kg
Day 2 : 25kg, 25kg, 30kg, 30kg
Day 3 : 30kg, 30kg, 35kg, 35kg
Day 4 : 35kg, 35kg, 40kg, 40kg
and so on. This will put you at 60kg at day 8.

Again keep in mind the point of the adaption phase is not to really build out strength but instead prep the body for the motions and for the larger phases to come. If the lifts feel to hard, then back it off. The time to feel the lifting is in the next phase.


Hi, I am also on week two strength plan and need advise on the sequence that I should follow during adaptation days when the special training is also done.

Should I do 30m spin then nuno, lifts, 30m spin? Or is there any other sequence you recommend.

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Great to hear from you and hope training is going well. I will let FasCat respond.

I do 20 mins bike, weights, 20 mins bike, a few stretches.

I don’t do Nino as have no equipment but I do some core in the mornings when I wake. I only do 20 mins Warm up and cool down because I find that plenty and am also slightly time constrained to do a full 30 mins.

Look forward to hearing how it all goes over the coming weeks.

Thanks for the recommendation on weight increments. I have today dialled it back down


Hi Fraser

I also had the same issue where it seemed I was increasing weights too fast as the plan recommends increasing weights every set. I will follow Coach’s recommendation too.

I also haven’t got the equipment for Nuno either so doing a 20m Power sequence with only dumb bells. Was just hoping one of the coaches advised on whether I should do two sessions during the adaptation phase i.e. one of power yoga to replace Nuno and the other spin / weights / spin or do both sessions together and if so in what sequence is it recommended.

30m spin then nuno alternative (20m power yoga), lifts, 30m spin


Nuno in morning then afternoon spin / weights / spin



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I don’t think you can go too far wrong with either option. The Nino, yoga, revo etc are there to compliment the plan, prevent injury and be general maintenance.


Really ether works well.
But if you have the time available to you I would recommend doing the nino alternative in the morning so you are not overloading and can focus on the lifting in the afternoon. The spinning will cover getting you warmed up.

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Great thanks for that

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Can you point me to what the Nino alternative is please?

I have an old power yoga video that I am using, just need two dumb bells and guides you through some power moves using your body really, bit of yoga, planks, few jumping exercises, squats with weights on hands etc.

Suggestion for coaches. :slight_smile:
This would certainly be a good addition to this fascat training programme, just a simplified half hour power session from the trainers, the equipment that Nino uses is not something available usually, even in the gym, and I don’t want to incur in the extra costs.



Yeah I need something to replace Nino. Like I said doing a few core exercises but feels like I should add a few more bits as a decent replacement for not having the kit.

I have the added complication that my turbo broke yesterday near the end of the muscle tension intervals. So the next 3 hr Intervals I will need to do outdoors (no power meter) and will be basing the 3x12 low cadence intervals off RPE.

Neo tacx 2T lasted only 9months and completely broken according to Garmin. So now a wait for a free replacement.

Yikes, that stinks but I have been in the same situation. Same thing happened with my wahoo. Ironically my current one I bought off of craigslist and it has worked like a charm for almost a year now :raised_hands:t3:

Just aim to #FtFP the best you can, that is something that is in your control.
Fingers crossed they replace it quickly!

Managed to sign up to a gym near my work which has a watt bike so that should cover me until new turbo arrives.

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One thing I’m interested to hear is how people are getting on with the muscle tension intervals. I do them on a turbo and have found them ok until the 3 hour one at the end of week 2!! The last 45 mins at endurance has left me pretty cooked!

The plan when transferred to Trainer road puts all endurance at 71% of ftp, which I drop and just ensure I’m between 60-75% as a rule. But the last 45 mins had my HR up at high tempo levels. Tough.

That is the dedication to FtFP that we love to see! Way to make no excuses :slight_smile:

What % are you dropping it to? Endurance (zone 2) is 59-75%, so try going down to 60% or so and see if that helps to keep your heart rate in check.

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