Weight Training For Cyclists - Adaptation Details

I’ve listened to the podcast a couple times, but it isn’t clear to me from that or the instruction in the Training Peaks plan - In the adaptation phase, are we starting over at 0 each day or progressing the weight from day to day? I know day one we do 0, 5, 10, 15. So then on Wednesday do we start at 0 again or what?

Also, is there an alternative to Nino’s plan that’s more realistic? None of that equipment is readily available.

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Progressing the weight from day to day. Day 1 = 0, 5, 10, 15. Day 2 = 5, 10, 15, 20.

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and so forth - we intentionally do not specify how much weight to lift yet because that will come after you set your 1RM. Until then ‘feel’ your way up an begin to challenge yourself in the 3rd week.

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I’ve designed a workout almost exactly like Nino’s that I do at my gym at the school I work at. The only thing I’ve purchased is the balance board. I also do a modified version of it at home where I don’t have as much equipment.

I’d be happy to share what I do as replacements for some of the workouts in Nino’s version where he’s using equipment most people won’t have or buy. Just let me know which specific ones your curious about otherwise I’d have to write a small book to cover all 17 exercises.

I’d be happy to copy “my list” of exercises I bring with me but the way I describe some things are in my language lol, so I can read it quick while working out.


Could you share?

I’m on day 1, reading and expecting to go to the gym and was totally thrown off guard by Nino’s workout and the insane amount of specialized equipment and structure. I’ve spent a couple hours now just trying to figure out what I need to do when I go to the gym. Frustrating.

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For the Nino’s if you get one thing, get the Revolution Balance Board.

You can improvise with all else - to create your own circuit training routine.

The rest is just meant to inspire


Same here. I ended up getting the Revolution Balance Board (which includes a balance disc), an exercise mat, and 2 kettlebells (8kg, 16kg). Then I took the (very complete) programs in

and turned them into a circuit with whatever Nino-esque bits I can throw in on the balance board and disc. The book contains 25 sessions consisting of about 5-6 exercises each, or about 25-30mins. The sessions are organized by difficulty (level 1 to 5) and within each level there are 5 variations depending on your goals.

None of the exercises in the book require any additional equipment. Additionally, the movements in the book are movements that a modern physiotherapist would assign and thus very safe.


Thanks for the recommendation. I have done most core exercises before in yoga or Pilates classes but we now have lockdown in UK so need a program to do at home. This book seems ideal so I have ordered it. It should go well with 10 week strength program.

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This is a great routine. FYI there is a an updated and slightly-less-complicated version in his new book (hidden among some marketing-esque training theory and branding stuff)


Sorry - I haven’t been on the board that often this year and just saw this. I wrote up a pretty detailed post last year. Here is the link to it.

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Can you repost the article? This link is dead.


Nino’s 30 minute circuit training is written up here: