10 week resistence training


I am now the proud owner of your 10 week plan ready for October this year.

I chose the intermediate as 8-12 is exactly the duration per week I would choose for all other cycling plans. However I have never done any weights before so this will be very new.

Should I have gone for the 4-8 hour plan instead. I can probably get to a gym 3 times a week. Maybe 4 at a push.




So the amount of time spent in the gym between the intermediate and basic plan is the same. It is 3 days a week during the adaptation phase, 4 times during the hypertrophy phase, and then 2 times a week for strength and power phases.

The intermediate will just have a bit more riding time on days you ride.

Even not having done weights before you will be ok! The first 4 weeks is the adaptation phase. This is about getting use to the weights. So basically you will start the 3 weight exercises, squat, leg press and leg curl with just body weight. Then with each day in the gym you will slowly increase the weight.

Here is our training tip on it along with the podcast!


Great thanks. It was the podcast that inspired the purchase.

Keep up the good work.