VO2Max wattage actual vs. zone

I’m in week two of the polarized plan, and this is my first structured training plan (I spent the winter and spring doing a random assortment of training ride types without a lot of focus). I’ve competed the 3X3 and 3X4 VO2Max workouts on my indoor trainer on climbing routes following your instructions. I’ve averaged 275 watts for both sets, and hoping I can keep that wattage up for the 3X5 min set next week! I estimate that my current FTP (20 min test, flat road, indoor trainer) is ~220 W. I can see from your training plan that my estimated VO2Max wattage range is 232-265W. I assume that the reason I can go to higher watts is either (a) my anaerobic system is playing more of a role, even over the 4-5 min time frame or (b) the V02Max efforts are on climbs while my FTP is on flats. If scenario (a) is the case, should I adjust the wattage ranges for my VO2Max and Anaerobic levels based on the 3-5 min max effort wattage (and possibly some 1 min max efforts in the future)?

P.S. I’m a biochemistry professor, and I’m always excited when you venture into the physiology of what systems are contributing to the overall power output and effort. So I’m really hoping the answer is (a) :slight_smile:


or c) your FTP is really higher than what you currently have it set @patrick.frantom

Have no fear bc in week 4 of your plan you get to update said FTP with a 20 minute field test and then you’ll know. Keep going as hard as you can for your intervals and keep #FtFP

a) & b) may be true but still go as hard as you can for your 5 minuters - if you can exceed your zones that is a tell tale sign that your FTP has increased :muscle:

Thanks for the quick response! I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile:

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