Is this right? VO2 Max Workout Target

Hello there!

So I just did a Z5/VO2 workout (2 sets of 2x4) with the target 283w for the intervals.

I have an over/under workout tomorrow (4x5 min with 30sec at start and end of each interval at 200% FTP) and the description of the workout is ‘settle into Z5’ and the power target is higher (291) for the interval than the 2x4 min VO2 workout. Just checking that this is correct as it sounds super horrible!

Sounds like you are on one of our hardest Vo2 builder workouts! Tough stuff but really pushes that top end.
That is correct on the %'s. it should be 200%(VO2Max) for 30 seconds, then 4min at 115%(Z5).
Keep in mind the 200% is Full Gas so less about the exact watt and more about pushing out that Vo2max zone. Have fun and FTFP!

‘Have fun’ - there was nothing fun about this ride this morning at all!!!

Good point, probably should have mentioned I’m on week two of the steamboat gravel plan, but jumping back into SS2 (working with coach Jake on this) next week now that SG is off.

Thanks for confirming the workout details for me.