20 Minute FTP Test Question

Hi! I just started the 18 Weeks of Sweet Spot training plan and completed my 20 min FTP test (indoors) and had surprising results. I averaged 201 W over the 20 min tests, but paced it poorly, averaging 215 W the first 10 min and 187 W the next ten minutes. I was trying to pace the effort to be around 215 W which would match a tough 20 min hill climb I did a few months ago. Using the 95% formula my FTP should be set at 191 W. Two weeks ago, I did a very tough outdoor ride where I averaged 201 W NP for an hour and 200 W NP over 90 min (using a different power meter). I didn’t feel great during the 20 min indoor test and was wondering if you think I should retest or just put my FTP at 201 W?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks team!

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Your indoor test is always going to be lower according to the fascats. With it being so close I’d honestly just split the difference and call it 195 and crush the plan!

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Yeah indoor FTP is going to be different than outdoor FTP. All power zones have a range so you should be able to stay in your range. Seems like your FTP is around 201 watts and I would just put in there. Indoor power can be around 5% lower than outdoor power and that is basically where you were at. I wouldn’t retest as actually you were pretty close.

If you wanted to get complicated you could use zones for indoor riding based on a 191 FTP and have your outdoor FTP set to 201 watts.


Thanks @Jake! I sent my FTP to 201 W for my outdoor workouts and 191 W on Zwift! Excited to start the plan.

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