FTP/VO2 Max ratio and plan selection

I’m currently in my 16 week base plan and noticing that I’m pretty aerobically fit after 4 weeks. From my last 20 minute test, my FTP is roughly 84% of my 6 min VO2 max power. These aren’t lab tested and are just rough estimates. I can also hold 85% of my FTP for 3.5 hours.

I’m considering whether I need VO2 max work since my FTP is so close to my VO2 ceiling. I know it’s early in the base season and would be rare to do a block of VO2 max work this early, but does it make sense to do a block from the Crit plan or Road Race plan? Or better, supplement some of those workouts into the 16 week base plan without a drop in volume to keep the CTL rising?

Hey @bodine23 ,

I’m psyched to hear that the plan is going so well!

How long ago was your last FTP test? If you’re doing 3.5 hours at 85% it’s possible your FTP is even higher than you think it is, it’s also possible your 6’ power has even improved even if you haven’t done such an effort.

I do agree with the general idea that at a certain ‘fractional utilization’ you might have to raise the roof to further improve FTP but if you’re still a ways out from your target event you might hold off on that until you complete your base plan. You don’t want to be flying for March if your goals are all in July.


I actually tested the day before I posted that. I’d say I’m pretty well-trained after 4 years of quality training, so I normally push my total time in zone a bit longer than the plan calls for. I’m doing the “pro” volume plan right now!

I think my FTP has the potential to be a lot higher than what my test said, my form in TrainingPeaks was pretty low! I averaged low zone 4 HR, but felt that my legs didn’t have much more in them when I tested.

My recent power curve has been 3.5 hours @ 84.5% ftp, and 90 minutes at 95% ftp so I’m thinking it’s definitely higher than what my test said. I’ve been carrying on with training and haven’t rested enough to really dedicate a weekend to a test. Maybe I should?

Either way, I do think my FTP is very close to my VO2. It may help if I bump my zones up and restart a profession from that.

It’s sounding to me like you needed a little more rest to access your full strength there.

My advice is to take a really solid rest week if you haven’t already and then see how you feel after that before making any decisions about the direction of your plan.

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Will do! Thanks @CoachAndrew