FTP advice please

Hi all, my FTP is 271w (tested), however is did a 3:20min group ride yesterday that my NP was 262w (96.6 AF). I didn’t go hard at any point just kinda sweetspot to Threshold kinda level with the odd surge into Vo2 (but vary rarely).
I have heard about adjusting my FTP by using hard group ride NP, however I never had an hour above my current FTP. So does this mean I just leave my ftp where it is, or do I do a new test? (I only tested at 271 last week). I racked up a TSS of 307 on yesterdays ride and it didn’t feel particularly aweful, just tapped away on the front next to the strong ride leader!

Hi @neilbond - I could answer this question in 20 seconds by analyzing the data** but verbally without looking at the data it is tough!

** your test data and then this ride: power and HR

Would also want to rule out powermeter error - diff powermeters by chance? Maybe you under-tested last week.

Hi Frank, thanks for your response so quickly.
Same power meter calibrated pre ride as always :+1:.
When I do a test I prefer to do a 1 hour Flat TT course as when I do an 20 mins test my high anaerobic capacity sets it to high and is un achievable if I take off only 5%. This then leaves me in limbo of if to remove 7.5% or 10% of the result.

Do you go as hard as you can , collapse into the ditch after the 1 hour test?

This is where HR data can help

Unfortunately yes I do, and the ditches round here stink

Well then I’d just say you are riding strong with these rides but there is still something that does not add up.

If you norm power from your 60 min field test was 271 then you should not physiologically be able to do 262w for 3 hours and 20 minutes. If you can that would indicate to me you are not pushing yourself during your one hour field test or too much coasting, etc…)

I would also want to look at heart rate between the two ride and review each file , whether terrain had an effect or anything else.

Ok Frank I understand, unfortunately I don’t have any heart rate data from yesterdays ride as I left the darn thing in the car and my wife went shopping with it :confounded:. The route yesterdays was pretty flat to rolling, no hills over 45 seconds long. As for perceived effort, I was chatting on the front of the group all the way round.
Maybe another test may be in order as when I have used your sweetspot plans in the passed my gains are big and they come fast.
Thanks for your time and keep up the great work

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