FTP Question for the Coaches/Anyone

Hey coaches,

I have been doing the 18 week plan and about 10 weeks into it. My FTP back in February was 310w. I did 3x8’s today and let and just went for it. 1st was 327, 2nd was 357, and 3rd was 369. Should I be adjusting my FTP? thoughts?



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Awesome Andrew - you are crushing it :muscle:

So 369w for 8 minutes is on the upper end of a VO2 max effort which is traditionally 3-6 minutes.

What I would do from here is look at your Peak Power Chart in TrainingPeaks in your dashboard and see how your 20 minute and 60 minute power is looking too. Per the normalized power podcast:


To answer your question: yes, but no. Yes your threshold/FTP is probably higher but you just don’t know by how much yet. You will as you go forward with the plan with the final field test. But look to your hard group race data to see if you have any peak 20 & 60 min outputs in the meantime.

Nice work!

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Thanks man. Ya something clicked with this program. I can really throw it down. I will look into that data that you recommended and see what the 20 and 60 power is. The problem with living in Orange Country is I only have one road near me that I can ride 18 min without stopping. I will have to travel and do the final test to see what it comes out at.

Rock on,


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I recently signed up for the Crusher Training. I have used TrainingPeaks for a few years now. Is this why there are numbers already populated for the Field Test under Workout Details? The 20 min test states 20min @273W. Since my current FTP is set at 260, is this a recommended number or a calculated number and in either event, should I be trying to exceed that if possible?

Your CRUSHER training plan has a field test on Day 2 so go as hard as you can, set your mark and then you can update your FTP in TrainingPeaks.

Is there a wattage pacing guideline? Or should I just turn off the power screen and go hard for 20?

Other than not going out too hard, there is not. Have you read our mega training tip on performing the field test that comes with your plan? Here it is again:


Thanks. Makes sense.

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Planning to re-test tonight after work. I read the mega training tip and it makes sense (not starting out too high). If my current FTP is 250, and goal is to raise it ~8-10% should I start ~265watts and use perceived exertion (feel) to see if I can maintain? Or start 250watts for 2-3 minutes then 260watts 2-3 minutes and try to keep climbing using “feel” to maintain and not decline/drop in watts?

Also, by following the 60minute session, thought I saw a graph somewhere I should consume a gel ~15minutes into the session.

Thanks in advance.

Simply go as hard as you can. You don’t want to do a field test ‘by the numbers’ - you gotta learn what it feels like to go as hard as you can bc you’ll need to be able to do that in your races or events.

What if you’ve improved by 20%? I am a glass half full kinda coach and if you started off at an arbitrarily selected 8-10% you’d be leaving some watts on the table. That is why as hard as you can by feel is THE BEST :muscle:

Pro tip - pace properly & do not go out too hard - 265 watts for the 1st two minutes and then after that as hard as you can by feel.

Have you read our training tip on field testing?

Phil Gaimon and I talk about warm up and eating pre-test here (do not eat a gel during the test :wink:

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Completed the field test today (I know I’m a week early but just came off a rest week). Good news, my 20 min power was an all-time high on TrainingPeaks (263) over the past 3 years; bad news, my previous FTP (albeit this was based on the CTS 8 min test) was 260 (same indoor trainer for both FT). So after using a 5% reduction (10 seemed like too much), I’m lower than where I started (now 250). Could be the head cold I have been experiencing for the last two days. Since everything is automatically loaded into the workouts that FasCat has provided, should I continue to FthP and see if it’s too easy? I’ve been doing SweetSpot for the last 3 months and finally able to do 3x20. This seems like a step backwards.

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Hard to say! Would require analysis to answer but we offer that with our new $39 Coaching Subscriptions!


Thanks. I didn’t mean eat a gel during the test, rather at the beginning of 60 minute session when the 20 minute effort is at minutes 32-44.

All is well, completed the session tonight. Started a bit high (275), settled in there for majority of the time and was able to hold 300watts for the final minute. Ended with 271 normalized power and FTP increased to 257 (17pts higher). Each time I understand a little more on nutrition, pacing, etc… thanks @FRANK.


With a strong finish like that you probably had slightly more in the tank. Nice letting it out. It’s good to learn to ride by feel and a true full gas effort! Congrats on the improvements…so far.

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What about San Onofre area for the test? or an industrial park on the weekend that doesnt get used and try a 20 minutecrit breakaway?

Racing is always a great way to test FTP. 20 minute steady effort, or a 1 hour full gas criterium can use the norm power.

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Is there a way to automatically detect the best 1 hour NP (not average) in TrainingPeaks ? or is the only way to check the best 1h average power and then look for the NP ?
Thank Nicolò

No way to auto detect your peak 1 hour norm power in TrainingPeaks. You can see your best 1 hour actual average through the power profile chart in the dashboard view.