Unexpected week off at end of my training plan

Hi FasCat coaches! I’m in the middle of the 24 week Cyclocross Off-season plan and I just had a work trip sprung on me for what’s supposed to be the last week of the plan. Since that’s essentially a taper-and-test week I’m wondering if I should (A) Cut a week off the plan and finish early or (B) Treat the trip week like a rest week and do the taper-and-test week when I get back. I won’t have a bike on the trip and will lose a day to travel on both ends (essentially unable to workout from a Monday till the next Monday). Thanks in advance!

Hi @whosehair - I answered your question in the private Facebook Group - did you see that?

Hey Frank, Thanks for getting back to me. For some reason the FB post i put up is still blank… no comments on my end. Any chance you could copy and past here? Thanks!