Off Season Cyclocross Training

I just purchased the off season 24 week cx plan. I finished up my cx season mid December, so I took about months break from planned rides and racing. I plan to do all of the fascatcx plans all the way through race season. I looked all of them up and was pretty sure I had the timing right.

I started the Off Season Cyclocross Training program this week. Based on one of the podcast I just heard this week, I’m questioning if I have started the program too soon.
Starting this week the 24 week plan will put me right into mid June. If I misunderstood Frank on an email its no biggie, since this is my first week. Just want to make sure I’m on the right path.

For CX you probably want to start the 24 week off season anywhere from mid Jan to mid - Feb for the timing of everything downstream.

Cx’ers generally take longer breaks than what we talk about in the fall for summer season arhletes.

Thanks for the help Frank. I had started now just in case I had to take some breaks for trips and what not, that way I would just resume when I returned.
Since I started the program already this week what do you recommend that I do from here?

Should I just continue with what I’m doing ?


Should I stop and wait until February to resume?

Its hard to say @mikeaguayo -I’d have to take a look at your annual training plan as whole. You seem like you are on the right track, tho. What you’ve been doing, what you plan to do, what your goals are (cx season) and when, etc/…

What to do and when - very important as we talked about here, if you haven’t listened:

If you would like some more help with your ATP consider a coaching subscription or hiring one of the FasCats :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help. I joined the coaching program as well for the year. Seems like I will need some help with plan adjustments to get everything right.

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Right on - welcome @mikeaguayo!

Post your questions to the “Coaching Subscription” portion of the forum and we’ll go into your TrainingPeaks to take a look and help!