Sunday Race Squad


I own 11 Fascat plans now, they are awesome!

I have all the cx ones and get where to place them in the season leading up to my A race. What I don’t get is how to rearrange the ‘cx intervals and race and recover’ plans to accommodate at Sunday race (all mine are on Sundays). I know it’s been described before but I didn’t understand the explanation.

Is it possible to see a screen grab of how a week or two should look for Sunday racers?

I also reckon an option for Sunday racers in the store would be popular.


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Just wondering if I have posted this in wrong place? Would be great to hear some feedback/ an answer.

Hey John,

Thanks for bumping this as it looks like it flew under our radar.

I think the easiest thing to do would just be shift the entire schedule a day forward. This would require you to do Sunday’s workout on Monday. If you can’t quite get in the full ride just get as close as you can.


Hi, thanks for the reply.

I tried this approach last racing year and it wasn’t achievable for two reasons.

1-Shifting the plan forward a day is not an ideal solution as it means trying to do some pretty long rides on a Monday (i’m doing the advanced plans).
Fascat plans are often sold as being accessible to people that work a regular M-F 9-5 (like me). I always manage to FTFP the advanced plans, with the only exception being when I tried this change because the volume is at the weekend.

2-It also means trying to do long rides at night in winter (it gets dark very early in Scotland) which is dangerous where I and i’d assume many other customers stay.

Is there not another way the week can be rearranged? I honestly don’t think I can use either the CX Intervals or Race n Repeat plans in their current guise.

two days prior to your race = rest day
day before your race = openers

If you race on Sunday it kinds stinks for your training because you lose that endurance day. The solution is to add time back in the week and hope that doesn’t impede your recovery. Also could hire a coach to come up with a custom solution.

One coversation I frequently have with athletes is about not racing on Sunday so they can train. Racing every other weekend, for example, etc… This is all part of the 1x1 coaching and helping athletes set up the race schedule to balance racing and training towards their goals


As you’ve realized, hitting the volume gets tricky when you can’t do the long rides over the weekend.

Here’s what I’d do:

-Leave Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the same

-Shove your day off forward to Friday and your openers forward to Saturday, then race Sunday

-Thursdays you can do something like pluck the tempo bursts from Sunday’s workouts in the race ‘n’ recover plan, but just do the intervals and keep total volume short.

Then, what you’ll want to do is make sure you occasionally take weekends off racing and get in some more miles and TSS on those weekends.


Cool, thanks for your reply and insight.

I am definitely close to hiring a coach for this cx season, will really consider it.

Our series races are actually every fortnight leading up to the national champs so I would only have to adjust those weeks.


That’s great, I reckon that would work well for me as my series races are actually every fortnight this winter.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. As I said to Frank I am definitely considering hiring a coach for the cx season!