Uncertainty Options - 18 Weeks of SS or SS Pt 3?

I had been working toward local MO MTB Marathon races, which have either been cancelled or moved later (August and beyond). There are still a couple on the calendar for June and July, but obviously with a high degree of uncertainty regarding when / whether they happen. Also hoping to hit BT Epic or OZ Epic in October.

All that said wondering what to do to keep my head in the game? I’m guessing 18 weeks of SS would give me enough options for later in the year, and enough structure now to keep me motivated. The downside would be how to fit in the June / July races if they happen.

Should I do 18 wk SS or Part 3 SS (which would accommodate the June / July races)?


My best guess @doubledadster is 18 weeks of sweet spot bc the June/July races won’t happen.

Either way use the sweet spottin’ to maintain a state of readiness working backwards from August, raise your CTL and build a big base. You can have fun and go hard too but it is too soon for hard hard intervals.

Hope that helps - good luck!

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I would seriously start on SS plan 1 then 2 and see how u get on.
It’s definitely a great plan a complete Game Changer! I feel stronger than ever following the plan and FTP up 25w