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Hi Fascat Coaches

I need some help & guidance please, So I have 4 weeks open between completing SS2 and when I start SS for MTB, what do I plug it with? Repeat 3 weeks of SS2 + Regen week or do I start 3 weeks of SS3 + Regen Week? TIA

Hey @malcolm.isaacs !
I would suggest doing the first week of SS part 3, take a rest week then do weeks 2 and 3. Then you can jump into your SS MTB plan and move the rest week from week 4 up to week 2 in that plan so that you keep your 3 weeks on 1 week off structure.

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Wow :scream: thanks for that prompt reply @Lacey_Rivette much appreciated :orange_heart:
Awesome will apply that advise :ok_hand:

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Gotta be fast to help you get fast :wink:
Best of luck Sweet Spotting!!