18 week SS plan and ending with Field Test

Hey guys. Just finishing up the 18 week SS plan. I’m in the 17th week and looking at the recovery week next week in the 18th week of the plan, you have prescribed a fairly hard ride on Sat. (in the 17th week) with TSS of 256 and a fairly hard ride on Sun. with a TSS of 185. Typically, Mondays are off the bike (or yoga), but the Monday starting the 18th week is a 2 hour Zn. 2 TSS 100 ride. Looking at TSB for the end of this week (17th week) and where I’ll be on Tuesday for the prescribed field test, I’m going to be pretty fatigued. Does it make sense to have the field test so early in the week? Wouldn’t I want to be more rested before testing? As always, thank you guys for the wonderful advice and the awesome plans!


In before “FTFP” :rofl:

I reckon you could add in another recovery day or two. Reminds me of our “Take a Recovery Day to Come into Form” training tip.

To edit your plan, here’s how in Trainingpeaks:

and finally :slight_smile: since you are talking about TSB - use the PMC to model out when you’ll be +'ve TSB and test on that day. Good luck and let us know your improvement!

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I also finished the 18 week sweet spot also did the 10 week resistance training plan, can’t say enough about both plans.
I should have rested more last week but up 17 watts in ftp , and would expect even more watts but missed all “tss” targets on weekends in last 5weeks due to Canadian winter/spring weather/roads. And a week off south Caribbean.

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Congrats on finishing the plans @granalli1 Keep going! If you’ve done the training its likely that you can still increase your FTP even more For example, add some intervals ontop of that sweet spot base and see you if you can’t turn that 17 watts double in 34 watts improvement!

I have a question on the 2 training plans , the TT or road racing interval plan , which would you suggest to increase “ftp” .

I have gone to build some endurance over next 2-3 weeks to sort of make up for the shorting of “tss” in the “sst” plan, so I had 10 weeks weights , 19 weeks sst (including the off week ) 3 weeks endurance and now 6 weeks of intervals , this will be 35 weeks of fascat :grinning:

The question I’ll throw back to you is “what are you training for”?

I guess I"m training for my weekly club time trials , 16km on Thursdays.
I don’t have any big races or events planned but since my ftp is starting to rise i will probably look for something …
I just purchased the 6 week tt interval plan and will test next week, but oops i have not been on the tt bike since last year when I was consistently finishing in top 3 on Thursday last year so hoping for a PB ,or me a PB is getting out more watts than ever before not getting a faster time although i think it should be reasonably close.
( i might even try one on the road bike old school style)
now my question is how much time do you think I need to get used to the TT bike , i think all the foundation workouts have made me more flexible/comfortable in the tt position.

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I just did a 20min effort instead of the 2x10., (=ftp test) have 2 weeks left of the TT plan (FTFP) up another 15 watts thanks again to Frank and team for the plans, they work , hopefully I can keep these same watts up for the Thursday TT effort :grinning:


the TT went well , watts were a little lower then the Tuesday effort( ill take 4th place on a road bike ) , but windy days I usually always drop few watts, now finishing up last week of the TT interval plan.
I’m thinking I have 4 weeks, now I want to build a highest tsb possible before the trip ,before I am off the bike for 25th anniversary vacation 2 weeks in Italy, I hope to at least rent a bike for a day…, then what do I do to get this fitness back?

What do you plan to do when you get back? Continue with the weekly TTS. To get fitness back after some time off and quickly I’d recommend sweet spot work. Since you’ll have a good level of fitness still no reason to start back at 1, you could do sweet spot 2, maybe 3. If doing more time trials could roll into TT plan again after a week or two of sweet spot.

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thanks , I will try a sweet spot plan. the tt season will have ended by the time I get back.