Plan Adjustment

Hey coaches,

I have a couple of questions in revising the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot plan that will be followed by the Sweet Spot 4 - Polarized plan in my TP account. The one and only event I’m taking part in this year is an MS Ride that actually isn’t happening in-person. I’m doing the miles on my own (I will not ride with others) based on the amount of fundraising I’ve done until August 2. Right now I need to ride 380 miles although my commitment is up to 600 miles between July 25-August 2. To do this without taxing my body much, I took out the planned workouts and added a bunch of zone 2 work. The TSS is the same numerically although the intervals are gone. I’m in the driftless WI area so there will be some zone 3-5 climbs I cannot avoid albeit short (1-5 minutes) and very random. Here’s screenshots of what I was supposed to be doing.

  1. With completing the miles being more important than anything else during this period, would only trying to stay in zone 2 be sufficient to continue the plans? If not, can you make suggestions in TP for intervals to do intentionally based on my history and/or planned future?

  2. Should the workouts I took out remain out of my future workload or do you want to push things back to add them back in?

  3. After a two week period in the 700s for TSS I know my body needs an easy week. Say you add TSS during this period in TP, would you add an easy week then get back to whatever you do in question 2?

Hi Jake!

So I went into TrainingPeaks and made the appropriate changes for you. First I put in a rest week after you MS week. You are going to be putting in some high volume and TSS and it is just best that you take some rest after that higher workload. You will be fatigued. By taking rest you will get stronger and be able to finish off the 18 week sweet spot plan strong! Then I also added in a rest week before you do the SS4 plan. Without this rest week you would have 5 weeks of ON and that would be too much. So having this rest week will allow you to start the higher intensity of the sweet spot 4 plan fresh. And that is going to be beneficial as you will be able to go harder which is key for this plan.

You can just stay in zone 2 for your long rides. So the 18 week sweet spot plan is about building an aerobic engine. Most of us don’t have time to do 3 - 4 hour rides during the week to get the same amount of work you can by doing sweet spot in half the time. So we find sweet spot to be more beneficial than just zone 2 work. But you will be putting in the time so not much reason to do any higher effort. You want to get through the week. If feeling good you can absolutely throw in a bit of tempo / sweet spot but avoid going over these intensities as much as possible. Remember you feel better after rest days. So if you were doing a training camp like this we would suggest doing the harder rides after rest days. So like the Tuesday and Saturday ride. Those would be your best bet to get a little sweet spot work in. Maybe a total of 45 minutes each day at most.

You are going to be getting in plenty of work so you don’t need to do the workouts you are missing. You are increasing your fitness and workload and will be able to manage upcoming workouts. Of course after the added rest week.

Let me know if this all makes sense and looks good!

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Thanks for the adjustments @Jake . There is only one question after looking at your changes. After the added rest week starting August 3 you have me jumping right back with a planned 712 TSS week, is that right? Was expecting maybe mid 500s to mid 600s but I’ll certainly give it a try if correct.

My employer has a forced week off due to COVID’s affects on the economy when I’m doing the MS Ride miles so it worked out quite nicely. I’ll be working 40 hrs/week up to and afterwards.

Changed up the Sundays from that week and the following week. Makes the build better. So now you are at 650. The last 3 weeks of the Sweet Spot plan are big building weeks so the TSS numbers are high overall. Being back to work you can cut the zone 2 time during the week if need be. Focus on the efforts and get the bigger weekend rides in and you will be good!

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Thanks again @Jake !