Turning ERG off on Garmin Workouts

Anyone found a way to do this?

Via search, I can’t find any “easy” options:

Seems you want to pair the trainer as a power meter, not a “trainer”.

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What are you trying to do? Do you also have a power meter on the bike?

I have a Kickr and Stages power meter. My Garmin 530 is only connected to Stages, to use the same power meter inside and outside.

The 530 is not connected to Kickr. Instead I use the Wahoo app or TrainerRoad app to control the Kickr. Before starting the workout I use the app to enable Standard/Level mode (or you could pick Resistance mode) and select the level curve (e.g. Level = 3) or resistance % (e.g. 35%).

Now I can start the Garmin workout and it is like riding outside, where I am in charge of putting power to the pedals and following the workout targets on the 530.

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Thanks people for the replies.
Trying to work out a way how to do workouts indoors without using Zwift. I’m transferring the workout to my Garmin but it is ERG and I want to find a way around that
When using the Tacx Neo turbo I don’t have an other power meter on the bike.

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Depends on exactly what Garmin supports in your Edge computer for your trainer (Tacx Neo). I’d call Garmin and ask, not a lot of details online.

However there is some info here:

and here:

if you are connecting via ANT+ then my method would work:

  • Edge connected to Neo as power meter only
  • separate app to control resistance

I believe Neo supports simultaneous ANT+ and Bluetooth, in that case you could use ANT+ for Edge and Bluetooth for an app to control resistance setting.

And perhaps Garmin already supports overriding Erg by using the menus on your Edge computer, so give them a call and ask.


just spoke to Garmin support in the UK and they couldn’t see that there was a way round this. |They have passed it on to dev team but Lord knows what that means

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Did you try the method I posted? I haven’t been indoors very much since I posted that so maybe an update changed it.

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^ try JakeL’s method assuming you still have the Tacx Neo connected as Indoor Trainer / Smart Trainer.

If you’ve already tried that, and it didn’t work… is there a Tacx mobile/desktop app that you can set mode and resistance? What I described with my Kickr requires using a mobile or computer to set mode and resistance, and simply connecting the Tacx to Garmin as a power meter.

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Hi Jake
I’m going to try tomorrow whilst watching the Tour

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I’m having a similar problem with Tacx Flux and Edge 830 and wanted to ask if you have managed to find a way to work around this problem?

I don’t have power meters on any of my bikes, so I will have to do the FTP test indoors. Still trying to find a way that would allow me to run the FTP test without 830 taking over the resistance/power.

EDIT: just realized that I might be able to control the resistance from my Fenix 5x watch and have to workout playing on the 830 (with 830 only reading power and cadence data from the Tacx Flux)

Hey @jarkko.puustinen !
I am not sure if you found a solution, however I will note that you can use zwift free for 14 days.
On there you can connect to your smart trainer, sync your field test and turn erg mode off to complete it. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Lacey for the tip!

I ended up using Zwift with Edge 830 which turned out to be more complicated setup than needed to be. I had 830 in Trainer mode with Freeride program selected. I controlled the grade % from my head unit (had to to use a higher grade % for the “all out” sprints). I then had Zwift only listening to the power and cadence data.

Now that you mentioned it, I could have do this all within Zwift by turning the ERG mode off. Live and learn!

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Sometimes we have to learn the hard way, but the most important thing is that you learned and can save yourself the trouble in the future!