Turning ERG off on Garmin Workouts

Anyone found a way to do this?

Via search, I can’t find any “easy” options:

Seems you want to pair the trainer as a power meter, not a “trainer”.

What are you trying to do? Do you also have a power meter on the bike?

I have a Kickr and Stages power meter. My Garmin 530 is only connected to Stages, to use the same power meter inside and outside.

The 530 is not connected to Kickr. Instead I use the Wahoo app or TrainerRoad app to control the Kickr. Before starting the workout I use the app to enable Standard/Level mode (or you could pick Resistance mode) and select the level curve (e.g. Level = 3) or resistance % (e.g. 35%).

Now I can start the Garmin workout and it is like riding outside, where I am in charge of putting power to the pedals and following the workout targets on the 530.

Thanks people for the replies.
Trying to work out a way how to do workouts indoors without using Zwift. I’m transferring the workout to my Garmin but it is ERG and I want to find a way around that
When using the Tacx Neo turbo I don’t have an other power meter on the bike.

Depends on exactly what Garmin supports in your Edge computer for your trainer (Tacx Neo). I’d call Garmin and ask, not a lot of details online.

However there is some info here:

and here:

if you are connecting via ANT+ then my method would work:

  • Edge connected to Neo as power meter only
  • separate app to control resistance

I believe Neo supports simultaneous ANT+ and Bluetooth, in that case you could use ANT+ for Edge and Bluetooth for an app to control resistance setting.

And perhaps Garmin already supports overriding Erg by using the menus on your Edge computer, so give them a call and ask.


just spoke to Garmin support in the UK and they couldn’t see that there was a way round this. |They have passed it on to dev team but Lord knows what that means

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Did you try the method I posted? I haven’t been indoors very much since I posted that so maybe an update changed it.

^ try JakeL’s method assuming you still have the Tacx Neo connected as Indoor Trainer / Smart Trainer.

If you’ve already tried that, and it didn’t work… is there a Tacx mobile/desktop app that you can set mode and resistance? What I described with my Kickr requires using a mobile or computer to set mode and resistance, and simply connecting the Tacx to Garmin as a power meter.

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Hi Jake
I’m going to try tomorrow whilst watching the Tour

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