How do you turn ERG mode off during planned workout?

I’m doing a planned workout (Sprint Intervals) on my Kickr that I’ve uploaded to my BOLT from my FasCat plan (10 wks resistance training) through Training Peaks. Once I select the planned workout in the BOLT and start pedaling, the Kicker is in ERG mode. How do I turn off ERG mode so I can do the sprints without it? I don’t see a Mode option to get me out of ERG. I’m set to Level as the default in the Wahoo app but I think the planned workout is overriding that.


Hey Steve,

To turn off ERG go into your zwift account and before you hit “start workout” at the bottom there is a bubble to click to turn on or off the use of ERG Mode.

Hope that helps!
-Coach Allie

Also- in the wahoo app you should select SIM (simulation) to disable ERG mode!

Allie, thanks for getting back to me on this.

Just to be clear, I’m not doing the planned workout on Zwift or recording it on my Wahoo app.

Instead, I just uploaded the workout from the FasCat plan on Training Peaks onto my head unit/BOLT. And even with the Wahoo app on my phone set to sim (or level, which I also tried), when my BOLT which has the planned workout on it is talking to the Kickr, the BOLT is in charge and cues the ERG to automatically provide the resistance that keeps me at for whatever power target I’m supposed to be at each period of time during the planned workout.

I could turn off the head unit but there’s no planned workout functionality that I’m aware of on the Wahoo app on my phone.

I think it’s got to be changing a setting on the head unit. There are several modes on the Bolt - passive, level, target watts, % resistance, route, and planned workout - and passive would seem to be the choice to allow me to go at whatever power I want, but once I choose that one, the planned workout is no longer giving me the time and power cues. If I’m doing 4 sets of 4x15 seconds on 15 seconds off, it sure helps to have the timer guiding my duration.

I guess I could just use a clock or stopwatch or pay for Zwift but if there are any other ways to do this, I welcome suggestions. Thanks

Great question. I have a Bolt also, but I almost always do my indoor Training Peaks workouts in Zwift. I was going to suggest that you edit the workout in Training Peaks, and change the sprint intervals to free ride mode. But then I realized that free ride is a ZWO file thing, and I export my TP workout to ZWO, edit the file and change the desired intervals to FreeRide type. Then I copy the file to the Zwift workouts folder where it shows up in the Zwift app as a custom workout.

For example, this:

<SteadyState Duration="30" Power="1.5"/>


<FreeRide Duration="30" FlatRoad="1"/>

Zwift disables ERG mode and ignores hills during the FreeRide interval.

Does anyone know if Training Peaks has something similar to ZWO FreeRide? It looks like you can only enter power in watts as a percentage of FTP in the TP workout builder.

Another idea is to try the Trainer Day app. It supports ZWO files and syncs with Training Peaks. I think you can disable ERG mode during a workout. There’s a free version, but I don’t think you get the TP sync so you would have to manually export the workout to Trainer Day. It’s pretty simple though.

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