Garmin question - trainer workouts with ERG

I’m using my Garmin Edge 820 to control my Kickr Core trainer. When I load a FasCat workout (sync’d to Garmin from TrainingPeaks), the Garmin defaults to having ERG turned on. I want ERG off.

Here’s what I’m doing on the Garmin…

Training → Training Plan → select the workout and start pedaling and push the start button on the garmin to start recording. Garmin defaults to ERG mode turned on.

To turn ERG off while in the workout, I go Training → Indoor Trainer → Free Ride. Now ERG is off. Cool…until the next interval comes up.

At the start of each interval or workout section, the Garmin turns ERG back on and I have to manually turn it off. This sucks…and unusable when I have a workout with short 5+ second sprints in it.

Anybody know how to fix this? Garmin support couldn’t.

I have to do the same thing as you on the Garmin. When the workout section changes, it goes back to ERG, so I have to turn it off. Rinse and repeat every section change in the workout. Annoying. I’ve searched everywhere for a better workaround or fix but have yet to find one.

I had hopes of dumping my Zwift subscription. Not yet.