Free Smart Trainer app with power match?

Hi folks,

I mostly train outside, but with fire season here in California starting to get into full swing, there may be days where I instead opt to hit the trainer.

I’m generally a fan of Zwift, but having a subscription for an odd day here and there doesn’t make a ton of sense to me. For Z2 rides especially, it might be nice to just hit the trainer in Erg mode and watch some TV or something.

I’d use my Garmin Edge, but I’d want to use Erg mode based on my power meter data, rather than the trainer’s power meter. I think Zwift and TrainerRoad call this “power match”.

Is anyone aware of a free (or one time purchase rather than subscription) trainer application I can use that offers power match as well as importing structured workouts (from TrainingPeaks or other)? I haven’t been able to find a good solution.


Wahoo has an app that will connect to your KICKR for free - I do my muscle tension intervals using it quite well.

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Thanks Frank. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have a Tacx Neo 2T rather than the Kickr. I checked their app, and it doesn’t seem to have the functionality. Maybe Zwift is just the best option.

Might be missing something here but why can’t you connect your bike PM to the Garmin and tell Garmin to only make the trainer controllable? You might want to check the settings under the indoor profile.

It is not a free app but Trainer Day costs a lot less than the usual suspects. Will download TrainigPeaks workout of the day and has a power match feature.

If you connect both, the Garmin will display power from the PM, but if you use Erg mode it will let the trainer dictate the resistance for the power target, which won’t be correct.

I’m roughly familiar with Trainer Day but had no idea they had an app that could do that.

I think this could work.Thanks!

you can use Zwift for free once a month. You get like a 15km free trial each month, BUT if you join an event, it wont kick you off after you ride the 15km, it totally lets you complete the event/group ride and may let you continue on after (cant remember). So once a month, there you go…zwift away